About the Artist and Makiki's Impressions

My name is Mary Elizabeth "Makiki" Fallon. The word impress has many definitions. I started
out as a woodcarver in 1972 doing bas relief, which is carving (impressing) a scene or an
object into wood.  Since then, I continued to use my heart and my art to communicate my
impressions of the world around me.

Presently, I live full-time in Virginia, after living for many years on the west side of the Big
Island of Hawai'i in Kailua-Kona and then a few years in the mountains of the Big Island in
Waimea (Kamuela).  

My interest in painting started at an early age. I created my first painting at nine, I adopted
the name
“Makiki” then. Throughout my early adult years, I worked in many crafts and also
did high relief bas woodcarving.

In 1985, I went back to college and earned my Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a double major in
Fine Arts and Creative Writing from Mary Washington College. Since that time I has painted on
and off with periods as a missionary and working as a custom picture framer in between. My
woodcarvings, paintings and poetry are displayed publicly in Virginia and Hawai’i and in
numerous private collections throughout the USA, Canada and several foreign countries.

Recently I just returned to carving and have finished four carvings which I entered  in the
Kona Coffee Festival 2011.
(Coffee Carvings) I'm continuing to carve as health permits and
have finished a smaller carving that is featured on my home page. And more I hope to follow.

Browsing through my site you'll discover that my content consists of scenes from nature like
seascapes, landscapes, historical buildings, birds and animals, floral and metaphorical still life,
and now and then, inspirational paintings. My style is realistic, with a special love for
chiaroscuro. Many have commented on the wonderful play of light and shadows in my
paintings. My artwork, whether paintings or woodcarvings, can be enjoyed on many levels.
They are infused with hope, inspiration, and a deep sensitivity of the relationship of God to His
creation and a little humor too sometimes. I extend my wishes that you will be uplifted
through my artwork.
(Self-Portrait in Acrylic-
finished this in 2005)
My picture in 2012