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        Artist's Personal Comments
                  Early Fall 2007

Again, like I did for the summer months, I selected a
coffee painting to feature for the early fall months of
The Big Island of Hawai'i is home to the world- famous
Kona Coffee. And every year in the fall, they have a
Coffee Festival in which many of the small coffee
farmers participate and prizes are awarded for the best
coffee entered that year.
The Coffee Festival has many elements and fun things to
do like picking coffee, visiting a working coffee mill, and
then the Gevalia Cupping contest. During the Cupping
contest they also have judging for the best coffee label
and an art show featuring 2D & 3D works that have
some element of coffee worked into them; whether it's a
coffee subject or actually using coffee as a dye or paint
to finish the artwork with.
I try to enter every year and this piece of art symbolizes
the important aspect coffee has in our daily lives. I
paired it with bamboo, macadamia nuts and Grandma's
Peg Game or The Strategy Peg Game. Whether solitary
or with friends, having a cup of coffee after dinner has
become a sign of hospitality recognized across the US
and other nations too. This painting has a playful quality
which comes through by combining the game pieces with
"lucky" bamboo and a small handful of nuts. The
importance of the ritual is highlighted by having the
porcelain coffee cup and saucer glow in the late
afternoon light. By placing the elements on a traditional,
round, side-table it gives unspoken cues that this is an
embraced, cultural ritual. Also the linear wall design
shows balance, stability as it supports this after dinner
tradition of hospitality too!
As you're strategizing about your evening or just
unwinding after a wonderful dinner, have a cup of Kona
coffee and enjoy this gentle reminder to close your day
with a smile and a sense of satisfaction for having won
the game. (I have the pegs arranged on the
game-board that in two jumps you'll have only one peg
remaining-the goal of the game.)
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Feature Page for Early Fall
"After Dinner Strategy"
Acrylic on Primed Masonite Panel: 14" x 11"
Custom-Framed to 18" x 15" OTO

Available for Sale
Original Painting:
For Sale
"Lagrima by Tarrega"
Performed by Tariq Harb