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            Summer 2008

I went back to Virginia to visit my children and
grandchildren in March. While there I was sorting
through some of my personal items still located at my
daughter's house. I was excited to find an old journal
filled with pages of photographs of the woodcarvings I
did in the 70's and 80's and even one from late in the
90's. I thought the journal had been lost and along with
it the only record I had of these carvings. As you browse
through the new woodcarving section please bear in
mind that many of the photos are old and not to well
done. Often the recipient just wanted a photo of me
holding the carving.  But as I was browsing through the
journal I was remembering all my early creative
attempts. And the astonishment I felt as I created each
piece. I didn't know then that I would go on to college
and major in art. It was a new and amazing thing to me.
I was also strolling down memory lane as inspiration for
some of the pieces flooded back upon me or the joy
some of my friends had when I gave some as gifts.

I picked this piece to star my feature page with. I really
like carving birds and at the time of the carving, I lived
in a place where I had a huge holly tree out front. It was
a feast for the birds. I pictured the dove resting amidst
these prickly leaves. The thought occurred to me how
vulnerable the dove is because it likes to nest on the
ground. And how needful it was of the protection of the
heavenly Father. At that point in my life I too was
resting in prickly circumstances and I too needed the
protection of my Heavenly Father, that is why I put the
wooden fence in. I felt hemmed in also. Another
attribute of this piece is its star-burst poplar frame.
Looking at it now, I couldn't tell you how I did it and how
I figured all those angles out. But poplar wood has
always held a special significance to me. I grew up in
the farmlands of Wisconsin. Back in the fifties, our
family and that meant us kids too, would go into the
forests with our dad who would cut down poplar trees.
Than I and my brother would peel the poplar using old
car springs (like a stave). Our father would give us so
much for each log we finished and then he would sell
them for railroad ties later on.
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Feature Page for Summer 2008
"Be Still My Soul"
Performed by Rob Graves
"Hemmed In"

Carved 1983 on pine with
driftwood stain. The frame is a poplar star-burst.

Available for Sale
Original Carving:
The year before this piece, I carved another piece
featuring a small bird. It was carved the month after our
oldest boy Peter at thirteen had been killed accidentally.
I used my creativity and my carving to express how I
felt and what my needs were. As you peruse the carving
section you'll find this carving called Peter's bird. It was
a hard time and poplar is a hard wood. It was very
representational to me of the circumstances I felt I was
walking through following my son's death.

I hope you'll enjoy all the carvings I did, each was
meaningful in its own way and each speaks where I felt
I couldn't yet verbalize my heart.