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            Winter 2007-2008

This time around I selected a collage that I put together
from torn paper. The exercise is an easy one that
anyone can try. It just involves becoming still and then
searching through magazines to find those images and
words that speak to your inner self.

After tearing out many, I than choose those words and
images that seem to be speaking a theme from my soul.
It is one way of self reflection that opens a window into
your soul. Just as the inner self often speaks in our
dreams, so too, the soul speaks through those images
that attract us in our waking state.

As you can see by this collage I was dealing with going
forward in a time of upheaval. At the time I did this
collage I was sort of stuck and down. I couldn't quite put
my finger on what the problem was and I needed to see
inside. Since I couldn't voice my fears or what was
bothering me at the time, this exercise helped me see
my inner workings. I came to realize through the
process that I wanted freedom, the lifting out of my
present state, but the process of trusting in the days
ahead was daunting. I didn't know if I could do it or not.
But at least now I knew what I was feeling and could
begin to deal with it.

(I'm sorry this seems really philosophical but getting into
the reality of my circumstances at that time is
inappropriate in this format.)

This is an exercise that anyone can try, it takes no skills
other than access to magazines, a glue stick and  
mounting-board and a few hours of stillness.
Winter is often a time of slowing down from all the
activities of the summer and fall, and January is a time
many reflect on the previous year; so I hope too that
you also would spend sometime with yourself and listen
to what your soul is saying as you look forward into the
next year.
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