"Liberty in Restraint"
Waimea, Big Island, Hawai'i
Acrylic on Primed Masonite Panel: 9" x 12"

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Original Painting:
Artist's Note:   
"I was here in Hawai'i when 9/11
happened. Like the rest of
America I watched with horror
the unfolding events of that day
and the days following. I dealt
with the stress and grief of that
terrible strategy by painting this
horse scene.
The setting is Waimea on the Big
Island of Hawai'i and it appears
very pastoral. But the theme
behind this painting is: though we
have many freedoms here in
America and can basically do
what we want within the limits of
the law, our actions need to be
reigned in, fenced in, when these
actions cause hurt, cause harm
to other people. Liberty without
personal restraint is
By Mary "Makiki"Fallon