"The In-Between Moment"   
                                                by Mary Elizabeth Fallon                        

A moment like none other-
The in-between moment
This was illumination
A divine gift from Abba
Another step, another “I am well pleased, this is my beloved Son”
You had already laid aside your outer garment
Just like in heavenly realms before time,
When you and Abba chose to unwrap yourself of your
divine  attributes and hug to yourself the flesh of humanity.
What does a God look like when He steps into time?
What did becoming a slave look like that day?
And in-between moment, another moment of illumination.

Another unclothing and clothing.
An example for who?
But more than that-
A blessing-
A bending the knee towards...
A glimpse of eternal love.

Wait, He’s picking up a towel and washing their feet.
“My Master, you cannot, it is I who should wash yours.”
There He kneels, My King, My Lord, waiting.....
“If I do not wash you, you can not be part of what         
    I’m doing.”

Another in-between moment.
"The In-Between Moment"

Acrylic on Canvas: 49.5"x 31.5"

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Original Painting:
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