"As The Deer Pants For Waters,
So My Soul Pants For You"
"In His Light"
"Like a Mother Hen
He Gathers His Chicks"
"4 Bay Street"
"Consider the Lilies"
"Hemmed In"
"Tuf'in It Out"
"By Living Waters He Leads Me"
"An Open Door"
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from my
Early Art Years
"Our Hope is
like an Anchor
"Fenced In"
"He searches for the Fruit"
"Folk Partridge"
"Hummingbird with Flowers"
"He Loves Me, He Loves Me,
He Loves Me"
"From the Clay"
"He Rescued Me"
"Pelican on River"
"You are Special"
"Peter's Bird"
"Hummingbird with Open Door"
"Daily Sacrifice"
"Pelican and river scene"
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Deer Carvings
Dove Carvings
Woodcarvings of
Small Birds
Pelican Carvings
Woodcarvings of
Other Birds
Hummingbird Carvings
Woodcarvings of The
Lord's Hands
Lighthouse Carving
In the early years of my creativity, I pursued
woodcarving. I'd believed it was gift from God and it
really developed much of my talent.
"Use the talents you possess
For the woods would be very silent
If no birds sang - but the best."
Unknown author

Because there are so many carvings, rather than show little
thumbnails, I created the sub-directory with buttons above to
move around within the woodcarving category.
Combo Carvings
"Consider the work of God"